Herb Roasted Chicken

For my birthday, I’m hosting a murder mystery dinner party which requires a food component.  The game recommends something French – Coq au Vin.  I am most definitely NOT cooking that, considering the book / movie Julie and Julia.  While comedic and interesting in both, its not something I wanted to replicate in real life.

So what do I turn to?  Rotisserie chicken.  Hurray for prepared food!  Then I started thinking, what if I make my own roast chicken?  I’ve done it before a couple times, but never at home (ironic), but I need to try it out before the actual party.  So I set out to make a roast chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, miso gravy and crispy lemon salt cauliflower.

The herb rubbed chicken in the oven ready to be cooked

Cauliflower mixed and ready to be baked

I was working with a new ingredient this time – miso.  I’ve had lots of miso before, but I’ve never cooked it.  The paste came in a bag and it was very salty.  I used it to make a gravy.  Did you know, if you googled searched miso gravy, the a lot of them are from Vancouver and make reference to The Naam?  I guess miso gravy is a Vancouver thing.

Mixin’ up the miso gravy

For the most part, everything turned out pretty well.  I think I slightly overcooked the chicken – my oven is on the warmer side than most.  The gravy didn’t have a very strong miso taste and it didn’t taste like the one from The Naam.  The cauliflower probably could have used a little more salt and baking in the oven, but I was too hungry.  The mashed potatoes?  Turned out great.

The finished chicken yum yum

See all that juice and flavour on the bottom? Funny story.  In the middle of roasting the chicken, I noticed that the top was a lot browner than the rest of the bird.  I decide to pull it out and cover it in tin foil otherwise I was scared it would burn.  When I took it out, the oil and juice start splattering everywhere (I’m guessing from the cooler air in the kitchen? I don’t know). Turns out my fire alarm didn’t like that and it kept on going on and off for the next 10 minutes or so.  To get it to turn off, I did a pretty Chinese thing: start fanning the fire alarm.  Nothing was burnt and it all turned out okay in the end:

The finished table – delicious

I would call this a successful experiment.  Next up: some vegetarian options for my dinner party!

Excuse me while I go and do some research.

P.S. Sorry for the horrible photos – I was more concerned about what was going on in the oven and on the stove than taking photos.

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2 Responses to Herb Roasted Chicken

  1. Katerina says:

    Glad you liked my cauliflower recipe! I totally think miso gravy is a Vancouver thing. Time to spread it to the world.

    • Adelina says:

      Thanks for the comment Katerina!

      Have you been to Nuba? They have a cauliflower dish that is similar to your recipe. I tried it and had to find a way of making it myself.

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