Greek Summer Festival

Over the weekend I went to check out the Greek Summer Festival held at the St. Nicholas & Dimitrios Church in Vancouver.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew there would be food, but I was half expecting stalls to walk around and other activities.

Once I got there, however, it quickly became apparent that it was primarily food and entertainment.  There was a stage set up at one end of the food stalls and there were cultural dance and music the whole time I was there.

To get your food, you go and place your order with the cashier who gives you a piece of paper which you exchange for food.  It definitely cuts down on wait time.  You got your food pretty fast.  They had set up tents to cover the eating area – good thing too with all our hot weather this past week.

We ordered the lamb dinner which comes with massive amounts of lamb, Greek rice, Greek salad, pita and tzatziki sauce.  The lamb was delicious!  A bit on the salty side which had me craving for more rice, but very flavourful.  You could definitely taste the lamb flavour.  The rice was good as well – very flavourful.  I just wished there was more of it to go with the lamb.  The rest of the dish wasn’t anything special.  The pita was extremely dry though and even with the tzatziki sauce, it wasn’t very good.  But that lamb… mmmm so good!

We also got a pork souvlaki wrap but it wasn’t very good.  In anticipate of the crowds, they had mass produced these wraps and kept them warm until someone wanted one.  As a result the pita was very dry and had no flavour and the pork was overcooked.  It was extremely difficult to eat.  The whole thing didn’t have much flavour – all it really tasted like was tomato.  Even the tzatziki didn’t help.

Finally for dessert, we tried the Loukoumades which are doughnuts covered in honey and sesame seeds.  My first bite, a huge gush of honey burst into my mouth.  I wasn’t expecting it at all, but definitely made eating the rest of them entertaining.

It was a great evening.  The food was better than what I expected.  Now I just have to find a restaurant that makes lamb just as delicious as the one served at the festival!


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