EAT Vancouver

There two major conventions happening at the new convention centre downtown: Eat Vancouver and E.P.I.C.  I wanted to go to both, but only ended up going to Eat Vancouver.  It was pretty cool, wandering around the stalls, tasting and seeing new things.  I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t that much food.  You have to pay to enter, but if you want food, you have to pay extra for it.  About half the stalls weren’t even food related.  There was a travel section, but didn’t really relate at all to food, so I was a bit disappointed.


I did make some discoveries though.  This place in downtown Vancouver called Bonchaz has the most AMAZING buns ever.  I really like their Apple Cinnamon ones.  I also tried these salmon nuggets that were so good.  They were pretty much smoked salmon jerky, but even better – I must find this in a grocery store!

Salmon nuggets – delicious!

One stall was handing out kettle corn.  Normally I don’t like kettle corn because its usually too sweet, but this one was actually really good.  It was only lightly sweet and lightly salted.  A good mix.  The only thing I bought was some dry curry that you can mix with yoghurt, mayo and sour cream to make the most amazing dipping sauce ever.  Delicious – can’t wait to try it out.


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